Terms and conditions of „I am game“

I. General provisions
The operator of escape games that belong under the “I am game” label (webpage www.iamgame.cz) is Cireli s.r.o., Jílkova 1985/151, 615 00 Brno, IČ 08401225 (hereinafter „Operator“). The place of business is Hybešova 69, 602 00 Brno.
2. A customer of escape games that belong under the „I am game“ label (hereinafter “Customer“) is a person that actively participates in the escape game (hereinafter „Participant“), a person that purchases a gift voucher (hereinafter „Voucher“) or a person that makes a reservation on website
3. The service that is being sold is an escape game, also known as exit game or escape room (hereinafter „Escape game“).
4. Game crew is a person present at the place of business that supervises on the game progress (hereinafter „Crew“).
5. Admission fee is a price of attendance in one Escape game (hereinafter „Admission“).
6. The operator reserves the right to change or update the Terms and conditions at any time, that is by publishing them on the website with effective date being the same as the date of publishing. Current version of the Terms and conditions is always available on the website.

II. Reservation and attendance
1. Every Customer is permitted to attend in the Escape game only after a phone or web reservation after paying whole Admission, or after providing a Voucher with unique ID. Reservation is always confirmed via phone or e-mail.
2. Every Customer is required to provide true and complete data for reservation.
3. Every Customer is obliged to follow the instructions that are part of the confirmation e-mail or phone call.
4. The Operator reserves the right to cancel any reservation if the Terms and conditions are not followed, that is with refunding whole Admission if it had been paid already. The Customer is contacted about the cancelation immediately by an e-mail or a phone call.
5. Every Customer is obliged to ensure his or her safety and safety of other Participants and unconditionally follow all safety and operating instructions and rules provided by the Operator or Crew. Participant can be expelled from the Escape game if these rules and safety instructions are not followed. In that case, Participant is not entitled for a refund of Admission, not even of its part.
6. Before entering the Escape game, every Participant is required to sign a statement confirming that he or she has been informed about the safety and operating rules and obliges himself or herself to following it. Without signing this statement, Participant will not be allowed to enter reserved Escape game and is not entitled for a refund of Admission, not even of its part.
7. Participant is obliged to show up at the venue of chosen Escape game at least 10 minutes prior to the reservation time. In case of delay, the time in which the Escape game has to be completed starts running out, without taking into account Participant’s presence and without a right for partial or full refund of Admission.
8. Participant takes part in the Escape game at his or her own risk and on his or her responsibility.
9. Participant under 15 years can only take part in the Escape game with an agreement of his or her legal representative or accompanied by an adult.
10. Participant takes into account that he or she is monitored during the game in order to provide security and to ensure that the safety and operating rules are followed.
11. Participant that does not follow the safety and operating rules during the Escape game, acts violently, spoils the Escape game to other Participants or limits or harms the Participants in any way, or damages equipment or facility of the Escape game, can be expelled from the game based on a decision of the Operator or Crew, without a right for partial or full refund of Admission. Neither his civil nor criminal responsibility is affected by the decision. In the same manner, every Participant that is showing signs of drug intoxication or drunkenness, will be expelled from the Escape game and may be denied entering the place of business of the Operator based on a decision of the Operator or Crew.
12. The Operator reserves a right to deny entry into the Escape game to anyone that would seem unable to take part in the Escape game for medical, safety or operating reasons, based on a decision of the Operator or Crew.
13. Nobody is allowed to enter the place of business of the Operator with a weapon or any other dangerous items that could harm other’s lives, health or safety.

III. Admission fee
1. Admission fee of the Escape game is based on the current price list that is published on website www.iamgame.cz. All Admission fees showed there are final. Customer can pay the Admission after confirmation of his or her reservation in cash at the venue before start of the game, by bank transfer based on the invoice but before starting the Escape game and with sent variable symbol, by payment via payment gateway Comgate or by entering unique code that the Customer found on a Voucher.
2. If the Customer cancels the reservation of the Escape game less than 24 hours before the reservation time, Admission forfeits to the Operator.
3. Participant can cancel the reservation by a mobile phone or an e-mail.

IV. PAudiovisual recordings
1. Taking audiovisual or any other recordings in the place of business of the Operator is strictly forbidden.
2. After the end of the Escape game, a commemorative picture of Participants will be taken free of charge. The Operator reserves the right to use the pictures for commercial and marketing purposes, unless the Participant expresses his disapproval in written form.

V. Gift vouchers
1. Gift vouchers issued and sold by the Operator are a bearer’s coupons within the meaning of § 1939 of Act No. 89/2012 Sb., the Civil Code. Upon presentation of this Voucher and making reservation of the Escape game, where it is necessary to provide Voucher ID, its holder is entitled to take part in one Escape game according to the type of Voucher. Other Participants are chosen by the Voucher holder based on his decision.
2. Voucher can be purchased personally at the place of business of the Operator or via website www.iamgame.cz.
3. Payment for ticket that is purchased personally is made in cash, in case of purchasing Voucher via website, the payment is made via bank transfer based on issued invoice with set variable symbol or via payment gateway Comgate.
4. When purchasing Voucher via website, an e-mail with Voucher and invoice is sent by the Operator based on the data provided during ordering and after crediting the payment to the Operator’s bank account.
5. Voucher bought within the meaning of this section can be returned within the 14 days of purchase, that is only in case that the Voucher has not been yet used for a reservation. The value of the purchased Voucher is returned only to the Voucher’s buyer.
6. Voucher is valid for the time period that is stated on it. This period cannot be extended.
7. Price paid for Voucher is final.
8. Both buyer and holder of Voucher take into account that they are obliged to store purchased Voucher so that it cannot be misused or used by a third person. Otherwise the value of purchased and used Voucher will not be refunded.

VI. Processing of personal data
1. Any personal data about the Customer are carefully stored and secured in accordance with applicable laws, especially with Act No. 101/200 Sb., about personal data. Any personal data obtained by the Operator can only be used for personal purposes of the Operator and will in no case be shared to any third party.

VII. Others
1. The Operator is not responsible for any harm or damage, loss of profit or costs caused by unfunctional website, telecommunication services and IT network.
2. Website can contain links to sources and information of third parties and their websites.
3. Website contain so called cookies. Cookies are small text files used by Internet network to recognizing visitors, making access to websites easier, monitoring wishes and commands of users and collecting information for making content of the website better. The user agrees with the use of cookies by using the website.
4. The Operator is not responsible for activity and possible outages or limitations of bank systems that serve payment systems and payment gateway that are connected to our reservation and payment system.

The Terms and conditions are valid and take effect from the day of its publication on the website www.iamgame.cz.

Cireli s.r.o., Jílkova 1985/151, 615 00 Brno, IČ: 08401225